Delilah Squid Photography Art and Design
Paradise Swimwear
I wanted you to know what your lovely photos mean to me. My girls are
always telling me how great their customers look in my swimsuits, how happy
they are but I seldom get to see for myself.

When I am working on a new design I hurry in to the store and beg one of their staff to try it on and snap a quick pic with my phone for a fit reference. Sometimes I will get lucky and a cute customer will pop out of a change room to show her friend
and I will get a fleeting glimpse of what I have created.

Seeing my work presented like a work of art in your beautiful photos
will a be a great source of inspiration. I can be proud to share them with
potentional buyers and friends alike.

Thanks again,

Paradise Swimwear

Victoria BC
Photography by Delilah Squid
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