Delilah Squid Photography Art and Design
Marnie the Makeup Artist
When our paths first crossed, you put me at ease right away with that beautiful smile, your kind words, and your over all spunk, the same spunk I have. I came away from that photo shoot feeling like I had just met someone I have known all of my life!

You are an amazing spirit and are so ready to share with other's without hesitation. I am at awe with your continuous generosity, giving, kind character and professional talent!

To me you are an amazing: photographer/mentor/stylist/artist/webdesigner I am honored to have met!

Delilah Squid goes above and beyond to ensure that her team is comfortable, happy, having fun, and just plain enjoying the shoot! Whether she's putting on funky music to add to the overall mood, adding the final touches on a look, or just giving her team praise, I highly recommend her... PERIOD!!!

She has an amazing eye for detail and is able to capture it! I love her....

I think her work speaks for itself, I know you will be happy with the final results.

Victoria BC
Photography by Delilah Squid
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