Delilah Squid Photography Art and Design
Fiona Osborne

Not only is Gabrielle, the woman behind Delilah Squid Photography, fantastically talented, but she has a real gift for putting her subjects at ease. I hate being photographed, and as my wedding approached, I was dreading the hours of posing for pictures, and already wincing in anticipation of the awkward images that my discomfort always produces. But on the big day, Gabrielle's wonderful conversation and humour, interspersed with just enough encouraging direction, made me feel at ease in front of the camera for the first time. The session was genuine fun rather than the expected chore.

And then, when I saw the pictures Gabrielle took for us, I was completely thrilled. I think that a large part of my horror at the idea of “wedding pictures” had to do with the type of cheesy shots that so many photographers bully their subjects into:

“Okay, groom, pretend to chase the bride around that tree! Now everyone jump in the air at once! Bride, put your hand on the groom's face and stare with perfect love into his eyes!” (Shudder.)

Gabrielle's shots could not be more different from the generic, embarrassingly wacky wedding album. Her playful, inventive and creative eye combines with her sharp technical ability to produce stunning images, but ones that capture and honour the distinct personalities of her subjects (as well as making their actual physical selves look ridiculously, impossibly great). Because she has an amazing sense of colour and proportion, the photographs she took of our wedding are gorgeous, natural, humourous, and lacking the stuffiness and zaniness that I was so afraid of. I feel like she took the time to really see us and record us as individuals. I truly cannot thank her enough.

So, bottom line: Gabrielle is wildly talented. She is also technically accomplished, warm, unpretentious, funny, and reliable. She will listen to you when you tell her what you like and don't like. She will make you look absolutely delicious, but still recognizably yourself. “Recommend” is not a strong enough word for my belief in her artistic gifts, and how strongly I would encourage anyone needing photographs of any kind to engage her services. Maybe “I insist” is better.

Fiona Osborne

Kamloops BC
Photography by Delilah Squid
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